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Exciting experiences in Sanda



Strawberry Picking Experience

Strawberry picking can be enjoyed from winter to spring. Each farm has its own characteristics. Of course, there are three different types of strawberries, and if you are picking strawberries, you can enjoy freshly picked "Kurenai Queen (Crimson Queen)" from Hyogo!

Here are the farms where you can pick strawberries


January to mid-June


All year around

Shiitake Mushroom Harvesting Experience

Surrounded by the rich nature of Sanda, you can pick and eat large shiitake mushrooms with your own hands. The taste of freshly picked shiitake mushrooms can only be experienced in shiitake mushroom hunting. In addition to the taste and texture of the carefully prepared mushrooms, don't miss the original desserts!

Here are some farms where you can experience shiitake mushroom harvesting

Edamame Harvesting Experience

Edamame picking in Sanda allows you to experience the harvesting of "Tanba black soybean edamame," a high-grade black bean produced in Hyogo Prefecture. The experience of farming in the Satoyama will be fresh and memorable. Why don't you try harvesting the edamame with your own hands, carefully cultivated by the farmers?

Click here for farms where you can experience edamame harvesting




All year around

Soba Making Experience

You can try making handmade soba, which has been eaten in Japan since ancient times. The culture of soba has been passed down from generation to generation, so much so that a soba festival is held every year in Sanda. This is a great way to experience Japanese food culture in an casual way.

Here are some places where you can try making soba

Crafting Experience

A great way to enjoy the nature of Sanda, and the technique of traditional culture is to try crafting things. You can take home what you have made as a souvenir. Why don't you make your memories come true by creating your own original items?

Places where you can experience making things


All year around