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Sanda History Tour Course 2

If you head north from Sanda Station, you can visit the Miwa Shrine, a historic shrine. This shrine is dedicated to the gods of love and matchmaking, as well as to the monkeys in the old hall called Koushindo. At the Miwa Myojin Gama Historical Park, you can see a furnace that was used in the Meiji era. If you make a reservation, you can actually try your hand at making Sanda celadon. This is definitely an experience that even children can easily enjoy. It is recommended for those who love power spots.


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Miwa Shrine Road


Miwa Shrine

Miwa Shrine
Miwa Shrine is a historic shrine enshrined from Okami Shrine, which is said to be the oldest shrine in Japan. The shrine protects all aspects of life, from love and matchmaking to family safety and prosperity. The shrine grounds, surrounded by rich nature, are a space where you can feel the power.

Address:〒669-1513 兵庫県三田市三輪3丁目5−1


Miwa Myojin Gama Historic Site Park

Miwa Myojin Kiln Historic Site Park
As the center of Sanda-yaki pottery, the remains of a furnace that was used from the Meiji period to the beginning of the Showa period can be seen here. You can actually experience Sanda-yaki pottery making at the regularly held pottery classes. At the sales corner, you can purchase handy teacups and yunomi (Japanese style tea cups).

Address:〒669-1513 兵庫県三田市三輪857−1


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