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Cherry Blossom Course 3

Take a bus from Sanda Station to the "Outdoor Activity Center" and you will arrive at a facility surrounded by rich nature. Although reservations are required, you can take a walk in the forest or go hiking to enjoy the rich nature. For children, the river is a great place to play in the water. If you are planning to use the barbecue, be sure to buy your ingredients at a nearby supermarket! This course is recommended for those who want to take a forest bath to fully enjoy nature.


JR Sanda

Bus 45minutes


Kogaki Outdoor Activity Center

Kogaki Outdoor Activity Center The Outdoor Activity Center is a facility where you can enjoy camping. There is also an observatory where you can enjoy the rich nature, play in the clear stream river, and well-equipped barbecue facilities. Please note that reservations are required to use the facilities.

Address:〒669-1401 兵庫県三田市小柿949

Recommended for the following people

Recommended for those who want to enjoy gourmet food.

Recommended for children

Recommended for active people

Bus 45minutes


JR Sanda