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Welcome to Sanda, a city that fills your heart

Welcome to “Sanda City”.
This is a city about an hour from Osaka and Kobe, located at the southeastern part of Hyogo pref.
This city, where about 110,000 people live, is rural cultural city surrounded by a “rich natural environment and mild climate”, and if you look around, there are beautiful mountains in the distance.
Walking around the town, you can still catch a glimpse of the traditional culture that has been handed down from generation to generation, as well as the emotional cityscape of this town that was once developed as the center of distribution and economy for rice and lumber supplied from the rich farming area.
The experience of living in Sanda allows you to feel the daily life in Satoyama (woodland area near a village) with "food, flowers, fun, and culture" that changes with the seasons.
The vegetables and livestock products that can only be grown in a place blessed with clean water, air, and temperature.
The seasonal flowers that tell us of the coming of the four seasons.
Playgrounds where families can enjoy the lush nature.
Cultural experiences to learn about Japanese Satoyama culture.
Seasonal events and much more.No one will disturb you as you relax and enjoy the time that you cannot get in the city.It will bring out the best in you.
Why don't you become the one who tells people "I understand because I went there" and "I understand because I experienced it"?

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Experience Sanda's Culture Firsthand|
Experiential Activities

Here are some activities that allow you to enjoy the traditional and Satoyama culture of Sanda. From gourmet food that lets you enjoy local ingredients to making original items with your own hands, enjoy activities that are unique to Sanda.

A 1-Day Model Course to Visit Popular Local Spots


A Must-visit Tourist Spot

A 1-Day Model Course to Visit Popular Local Spots

If you are wondering in which order to visit Sanda's sightseeing spots, we recommend this course. Whether you want to enjoy gourmet food or nature, you will find the perfect course to suit your travel goals.





Let's stay in Sanda|
Guide to Accommodations

If you are traveling to Sanda, stay in Sanda. Here are some of the best accommodations in Sanda. These are all accommodations where you can stay while being surrounded by the rich nature of the countryside. Enjoy your stay in Sanda the next day in accommodations that will help you recover from your trip.

Sightseeing Facilities Nearby


Sightseeing Facilities Nearby

Enjoy Japan|Guide to nearby sightseeing facilities

This is a guide to tourist facilities close to Sanda. Sanda is only about an hour away from Osaka and Kobe, making it easy to access popular tourist facilities in Kansai. These are all popular spots that will add color to your sightseeing memories. Please take a short trip to visit them.